Kavikorm inzhiniring


Limited Liability Company Kavikorm Engineering was founded January 18, 2012 for the purposes of research, development and commercialization of the results of a project targeting "effective recycling of waste from the food industry in highly nourishing food for farm animals." The only founder of the company is LLC Kavikorm, a venture project of VTB Capital Asset Management specializing in the creation and development of innovative agricultural technologies. The basis of the team was formed by the professionals and management of the innovative Kavikorm company that were working on a project for a comprehensive energy-efficient waste-free processing of byproducts from the food processing and recycling industries. The company operates in collaboration with the All-Russia Institute of Livestock Agricultural Sciences, the International Industrial Academy, and the Stolypin Ulyanovsk State Agricultural Academy. On February 6, 2012 Kavikorm Engineering was given the status of a participant establishment of the Skolkovo innovation center (ORN 1,120,030) in the energy efficiency technologies cluster.

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