EsDiAy Risyoch


Company «SDI Research» – is a developer specialized systems and system integrator in technology prepare of discrete manufacturing. Direction of our activity –develop corporate system of reference data management (MDM) and computer-aided process planning system (CAPP) based on semantic technology. Moscow developers team - 10 years of collaborative work. Several software systems were developed during team’s lifetime. All of them were successfully adopted and still work on hundreds of the largest Russian and CIS machine building companies.


Target markets: project activities, manufacturing, material and technical supply, etc.


Semantic reference data management in the engineering enterprises. Semantic MDM is a system based on object’s behavior and interaction rules. Such systems are required in cases where large data arrays exist along with complex multiple links between objects and this data is used for making decisions based on experimental knowledge. Effective tool for making decisions in design using CAD. Unifies separated reference data across the enterprise and establishes an integrated access environment. Normalizes terms and definitions, standardizes reference data exchange protocol.

Investment opportunities

$ 4 500 000

Team [4]