Applied Research Center for Computer Networks

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The basic principles of computer networking were laid down in the 60-70s and they haven’t changed much over the past 30 years. Since then the computing paradigm has changed, fundamentally new problems have appeared, which made network management a very complex task, requiring exceptionally highly skilled specialists. At the same time IT-Security questions still have no reliable solutions.

World research centers have been working on new approaches in the network architecture since mid-90s. They formed a promising approach in computer network management – Software Defined Networks (SDN). The researches in this field were started not so long ago and they are in the stage of initial development, that’s why all interested researchers now have a unique opportunity to join the scientific community in this area as full partners.

Non-profit partnership «Applied Research Center for Computer Networks» (ARCCN) is an organization created to operate in the area of strategic computer technology and software, intended to:

-             conduct applied research, develop and promote their results in the area of computer networks industry;

-             develop and replicate experience of respected world research centers in the area of computer networks in the industrial and scientific/educational environment of Russian Federation;

-      assist researchers in the area of networking technology with a smooth transition from the developing the concept of innovative tools and technologies to its prototyping, deployment of research results in local and national networks;

-      establish, maintain and develop international scientific and technical relations with leading research centers in the area of network technologies.

In February 2012 ARCCN became a member of the Cluster Information Technologies  in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre that allows to have a favorable tax regime, and the opportunity to raise additional investment (capital) .

ARCCN aims to develop the research areas that can provide technological leadership, and which are aimed to develop solutions for effective computer networks management, create faster and safer ways of data processing, transmission and storage, as well as solutions in the area of IT-security.  In perspective the results of research can provide a basis for hardware and software startups un the field of computer networking.

ARCCN plans to start research in 2012. Now the main challenge for ARCCN is to create an affective research team, to hire the leaders of the main research directions. Besides that ARCCN forms the board of Supervisory and Technical Research Councils, whose functions will include the development strategy of the company, liaison with Russian public authorities and foreign partners, making decisions about the directions and funding levels of researches.

»We also hope that the Centre will create the community of young scientists working in this area», — said prof. Smelyansky.

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