Applied Research Center for Computer Networks

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Applied Research Center for Computer Networks (ARCCN) has subscribed the memorandum about the partnership with the Stanford University Laboratory and Berkley Open Networking Laboratory (ON.Lab).

According the agreement the engineers of Stanford and Berkley Universities are ready to share their experiences and the results of the researches in OpenFlow area, to promote the creation of the system of the technical support of Russian new generation Networks and organization scientific-research programs for universities. Besides, the number of educational events for Russian students, aspirants and specialists will be carried out under the agreement. The first one, OpenFlow Summer School, will take place in Moscow on the 21-23 of August.

According to the assertion of the head ARCCN, RAS Corresponding Member Ruslan Smelyanskiy, the development of the partnership with world recognized scientific centers will allow to integrate the development of the Russian applied science in the Network technologies area with the international one: “Our cooperation with the Stanford and Berkley Laboratory has been continuing during more than a year, but only the last time the partnership relations got the official status. The main aim of the interaction is the mutual realization of the scientific projects in the area of program-configurable networks and OpenFlow. The specific environment, which will unite high-qualified scientists all over the world, will be created in Russia thanks to the participation of our Center as well. These methods will increase the inflow of new ideas and will allow to avoid the lag in strategically important area.

The new approach to managing of computer networks was developed in Open Networking Laboratory — Software-Defined Networks (SDN). The basic idea of SDN is to separate the controlling of network equipment from the managing of data transfer without changing of the existing facilities. The new OpenFlow protocol made possible to form connections in network with minimal delay of data transfer and necessary options.

The results of the researches ARCCN will be the prototype of the Russian first commuter for SDN, instruments for development of applications, systems of control and security providing of new generation networks, ways to detect invasions for cloud platforms, devices for the virtualization of the data keeping systems for Center of Data Processing and cloud computing.

In Russia ARCCN already cooperates with Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

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