Applied Research Center for Computer Networks

  • Grant accepted

Non-profit partnership “Applied Research Center for Computer Networks” got the federal grant of Russian Ministry of Education and Science to create and develop a national open-source platform for Software Defined Networks (SDN).

23 organizations applied for R&D in SDN Technologies under Federal Target Program “R&D in Priority Fields of the S&T Complex of Russia (2007-2013)”.  (Google) Among these companies there were universities and R&D laboratories from St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Tomsk, Omsk and Belgorod. On results of the competition ARCCN earned top marks in all 5 criteria.

The main task of ARCCN under this contract is to assess the possibility of using SDN Technology for the efficiency improvement of computer networks management in Data Centers. The goal of the research project is to solve such common problems as equipment compatibility of different providers; reduction of energy consumption and efficient technologies realization; providing of fault-tolerant system and service quality; security ensuring and management of resource virtualization.

The result of ARCCN researches is expected to be the development of Network and Data stream management tools prototype in SDN Data Centers with the help of distributed network operating systems.

“Under conditions of Cloud Computing development and increase of Cloud Services and Platforms we need to solve the management problems of Data Centers virtualized resources – says ARCCN  R&D Director Ruslan Smelyansky. – One of approaches for solving main problems SDN Technology.  In SDN software replaces hardware; and it allows to provide better quality and cheaper services. For example, experimental solutions based on SDN are fully introduced in Google Data Centers”.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has allocated about 25 Grants with the total amount of $ 10 million to American Universities for the SDN technology researches since 2010.  ARCCN is the first specialized laboratory, which began SDN researches in Russia.

“ARCCN initiated SDN-researches in Russia: we conduct training schools, actively distribute knowledge on SDN in Russia. And the fact that this time the competition involved a large number of organizations is assessed as a positive result of our activity. Universities and IT Laboratories joined the process, and this is a really good tendency.  We would like to reduce the distance between experimental projects, prototype development and real introduction of SDN technology in Russian production and work. And due to such competitions this process accelerates” – summed up Ruslan Smelyansky.

OJSC “Rostelecom” was the first Russian company projected and created a prototype segment of Cloud platform for Data centers based on SDN.

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