Applied Research Center for Computer Networks

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ARCCN reports Russia already has three segments of next generation computer networks, which are also integrated into the international network GLORIAD.

The first Russian Software defined network (SDN) was built on the basis of Applied Research Center for Computer Networks in August, 2012. Now there are three such segments in Russia: SDN-nodes are also built in Russian Academy of Sciences and in the first building of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre — Hypercube. With the help of these nodes the Russian segment was connected to the Chicago branch of the international network GLORIAD through Amsterdam.

GLORIAD (Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development) is a high-speed computer network used to connect scientific organizations in Russia, China, United States, the Netherlands, Korea and several other countries. Connection availability testing of the network was conducted in RAS on the basis of SDN-node through ping (TCP/IP networking utility for checking the connection in networks).

Joining the international network (which units Universities of California, New-York and Tokyo) allows Russia to participate in the initial stages of researches of promising next generation computer networks technology – Software defined networks. In the area of the networking hardware production their achievements are expected to become the basis for the start-ups, based on the original researches of Russian scientists. Today ARCCN actively cooperates with OJSC “Rostelecom”, Intel, EMC companies.

“One of the ARCCN missions is to initiate Russian researches in the field of computer networks. In the nearest future we plan to establish SDN segments in Russian Universities, research centers and laboratories all over the country” — says the director of Science and Education, Corresponding member of RAS Ruslan Smeliansky.

Let us recall that SDN-based architecture provides opportunities of innovation development in the field of next generation computer networks, which allows developers and researchers of computer technologies to conduct any experiment in any field of network technologies, to develop network applications. Whereas networks with the traditional architecture are closed to researches and innovations, SDN-technology allows to avoid «manual» network control and to “intercept” the management of switching tables that helps to control arbitrarily the behavior and speed characteristics of the separate switch, as well as parameters of transferred data flows across the network.

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