Applied Research Center for Computer Networks

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The New Generation Network – Software defined network based on the OpenFlow protocol, was built in Russia as the part of the educational project OpenFlow Summer School.

Thirty Russian IT-specialists got a unique possibility to have intensive and professional training in the scientific area of modern net technologies.

The organizer of the project became the IT-cluster resident of  “Skolkovo” Foundation «Applied Research Center for Computer Networks», in common with Open Networking Laboratory (Stanford University, The University of California, Berkeley) and MSU.

The new commutation architecture will allow Russian developers and researchers of computer technologies to do any experiments in different areas of network technologies, to elaborate net applications. OpenFlow creates a common language for communication with an equipment of different producers, whereas networks with traditional architecture were closed for researches and innovations before. Thanks to OpenFlow it becomes possible to form connections in network with minimal delay of data transfer and necessary options.

SDN technology allows to avoid “hand” control of the network. Now it`s possible to “intercept” the controlling of commutation tables from the commutator. And that will permit to manage actions and speed characteristics of a separate commutator and the options of transferred data flows in the scale of all the Internet Networks in a random way.

It is planned to build the same SDN segments in other Russian universities and to «connect» to the International network. In the USA such a network exists between the Universities of Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Rutgers and the Universities of Washington, Indiana, Wisconsin, etc. In the world this Network brings together the Universities of California, New York and Tokyo.

«One of the missions of our Center is the initiation of researches in the area of computer networks in Russia. Today we can state that there are experienced specialists in the SDN area, who can profess both the theory and practice of this technology. There is also a SDN on the base of which one can perform any experiments in the area of network, which opens up tremendous opportunities for our developers, IT-specialists. Our nearest plan is the creation of such Networks in other Russian Universities, Research centers and Laboratories, «- said the Director of Science and Education, RAS Corresponding Member Ruslan Smelyansky.

The results of the researches, which are possible now to be based on the SDN, will become a basis for the emergence of start-ups in the producing of network equipment area, which are based on the original development of Russian scientists. In the first place this new technology will be interesting for connection operators, manufacturers of computer and telecommunication equipment, Data centers owners, financial institutions and banks, hosting and service providers

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