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RealSpeaker 2.0 uses deep learning technology to help professionals convert speech-to-text without the use of a keyboard. The company offers audio-visual enhancements for speech recognitions systems to analyze audio video files and output text translations.


According to TechNavio, currently only 15-20% of the speech recognition market potential is utilized. The total global market of speech recognition technologies in 2010 was estimated at $1 bn. and will grow to of $2.5 bn. (+25% per year) in 2016.


Our current investor is StartupBootcamp. Moreover, we have signed NDAs with Samsung, LG, Toyota, Itouchu, and Google.

Investment opportunities

Currently, we are looking for partners as well as investors for our Series A financing round, which will be used to further our R&D efforts and increase our marketing budget to ramp up to our projected revenue goals.

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