The company possesses the rights for more than 20 objects of intellectual property, among which patents for the inventions and useful models, certificates on registration of the rights to the computer programs. The company has the incorporated trade mark.


The market of microseismic monitoring constantly extends. If to the beginning of a present millennium the volume of the market was negligible (a little hundred  thousand dollars a year), then for the next 9 years it has grown up to several hundred million dollars and speed of this growth is in direct dependence on efficiency of methods of the data analysis. Essential component of this market is hydrofrac monitoring during shale gas production (the general world reserve is about 350 trillion cubic meters, a fraction of the USA - more than third): only in the USA, for example, it is made more than 20 thousand fracs a year. Cost of works 1 fracmonitoring is from $200K to $300K. Covering with monitoring just 10 % from a potential segment of the USA market makes about $1 billion a year. Other significant regions: China, the Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa, the Europe, Canada, Russia.


The company is in the market of geophysical monitoring since 1991. Employees have a long-term experience of research and development and design job projects, both for Russian, and for foreign customers. There are such known foreign customers, as Shell Research BV (Netherlands), Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC, the USA), IRIS Consortium (USA), ION Geophysical, the USA, Refraction Technology, Inc. (REF TEK, the USA), National Livermore Laboratory of University of California, Berkeley, and the DOE (LLNL, the USA), CTBTO (the United Nations,, and others. Among Russian customers - the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry on the Atomic energy, Gosstandart, the Academy of Sciences, ROHYDROMET and others. The team possesses long-term experience of system engineering of seismic and microseismic monitoring. Within the limits of works with МО the Russian Federation and РОСАТОМ have been created The global seismic and geophysical monitoring system of National Data Center was created by SYNAPSE within the frameworks of MOD of Russian Federation and ROSATOM in Dubna and Moscow. Close cooperation was established between SYNAPSE and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO, UN, Vienna) in order to enhance processing of data from the International Monitoring System at International Data Center, as well as on creation of the new generation of microseismic monitoring software of the On-site Inspection of CTBTO. Within the framework of bilateral cooperation with REF TEK, Texas, USA ( a real-time seismic monitoring software was created, successfully working in many countries within the frameworks  of national projects on mitigation of natural and technogenic accidents. A number of solutions on algorithmic realization of optimum statistical methods of data processing which are used in the given project, has been created under the contract with SAIC ( within the frameworks of the global CTBT program ( The works lead for ROSATOM and REF TEK, have provided the basis systems for detecting and location of weak geophysical sources. The company is engaged in development of algorithms and software systems of microseismic monitoring ofhydrocarbonates deposits since 1992. For the last some years a number of appropriating hardware-software solutions has been delivered during joint projects on maintenance of microseismic monitoring on deposits of Western Siberia in Khanty-Mansiysk region, as well as within the frameworks of maintenance with appropriating complexes in the interests of Federal Service of the Russian Federation under the Technical and Export Control. Research works on the given subjects have been lead with a number of the companies from the USA and Canada. The teamhas also significant experience of field works on preparation of seismic and microseismic experiment. SYNAPSE’s experts repeatedly passed training in REF TEK with objective of reception of operational experience with the recording seismic equipment in field conditions. Except for Russia, works at a customer’sside have been lead in such regions, as Northern America, Asia and the Near East, the Europe.

Investment opportunities

The company is opened for investments. At this moment  the most important is the help in data acquisition from actual deposits for approval of our theories and experiments and to show customers and investors benefit from use of our method.

Further – a need in marketing support.

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