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Dnevnik.ru is early-stage self-funded company using venture capital. By the end of the 2012 we are going to expand the coverage of our Network to 5 million users all over Russian Federation. Dnevnik.ru is invested by RUNA Capital.


The Global Competitors: 1. BlackBoard Why they are a threat: With $500 million in revenues, a $1.6 billion market capitalization and nearly 2000 employees BB is the largest player on the global LMS and e-Learning market. They have been dominating the market for nearly 15 years and have accumulated connections, experience and a loyal customer base. Why "Dnevnik.ru" has the edge: With installation prices running as high as $30 per user per year, BB is unaffordable for most schools even in the developed countries. On top of that, BB is at least 5 years behind "Dnevnik.ru" technologically and functionally. "Dnevnik.ru" does everything that BB does and more, completely free of charge. 2. Moodle Why they are a threat: Moodle is a free, open-source solution and has a large community of followers among enthusiast teachers. Given the fact, that many countries are trying to promote open-source technologies in education, Moodle has become the poor man’s LMS of choice. Why "Dnevnik.ru" has the edge: While Moodle might work well for individual learning groups led by IT savvy teachers, it requires significant investments in administration and hosting in order to scale region or even campus wide. Moreover, professional customer support is non-existent like in most open-source projects. "Dnevnik.ru" offers an all-in-one, no hassle solution on any scale – from a single class, to a whole country, becoming only more effective and useful, the larger the network becomes. Professional customer support and on-site tutors will help to have the system up and running in a matter of minutes. 3. Facebook Why they are a threat: Even though Facebook is an indirect competitor for "Dnevnik.ru", the company that doubles it’s revenues and registered user base every year, has to be reckoned with. Given the problems with the more traditional solutions discussed above, many learning communities have started to use the social functionality of FB in combination with the ever-growing base of applications that integrate into the FB API. Why "Dnevnik.ru" has the edge: Even the FB Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently stated, that FB is not recommended for kids under the age of 13. Safety issues and inappropriate content, plague FB like any other social network with open registration. "Dnevnik.ru" users are registered only through participating schools and all content is constantly monitored both by automatic filters and human moderators.


Dnevnik.ru is a unique educational social network that connects students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. As a social networking tool, users can set up profile pages, write on walls, create events, join groups, message friends, upload files, and get updates on everything that is going on. As an educational tool, users can use the online gradebooks, lesson planners, join virtual classrooms, submit homework, take exams, and even participate in online learning competitions. Students get to interact with friends in a safe online environment, exchange ideas on school projects, post blogs, upload files, and use the internet to learn faster and better. They can get notifications from their teachers about interesting activities, homework updates and feedback on their performance. Teachers can make learning more interesting by using the lesson planning tools, rich multi-media content, online encyclopedias, gradebooks. and calendars. They can issue announcements, exchange ideas with other teachers, upload files & reading materials, and create a learning environment outside of the classroom. Parents can get updates on their children's performance, interact with teachers, participate in online discussions, and even get SMS updates on their cell phones. They can also join special parent networks where they can exchange ideas and tips on how to motivate their children to perform better in school. School Administrators can use the online tools to analyze student performance, track grades and attendance, issue important notifications, and establish a safe online environment for their students and faculty.

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