Every business comes across the problem of its efficiency measurement and control. The aim of “smart camera” project is to help business to increase profitability by visual analysis and recognition:
  • Reducing risks of extra expenses from frauds in banks, retail and restaurants. Smart camera reduces the risks by recognizing frauds in the clients flow at retail stores, banks branches, restaurants, etc. “On-board” face recognition algorithms can operate in wild life conditions and alert security stuff in suspicious cases.
  • Increasing conversion rate and profitability per unit of retail space – audience measurement and stuff efficiency control. Smart camera allows to optimize placements of the goods or select best place for promo zones according to hot and cold zones of the store, measure audience (gender, age, emotions) to control advertisement efficiency.
  • Increasing profit by transport access automation and registration. Smart camera allows to increase traffic flow by transport access automation and to reduce costs on security stuff. Compact all-in-one device with embedded OCR engine (works with license plates, railway car numbers, cargo numbers, etc.) automatically reads transport numbers, logs them and opens the gate if needed.
Compact smart camera with a full cycle of intellectual video processing and decision making "on-board" are intended to solve such challenging tasks and to discover new possibilities for business and security.
Technical innovation of the proposed device is in «all-in-one» (no additional hardware required) and «ready-to-plug-in» (minimal technical knowledge requirements) concepts.


Video content analysis (VCA) gives unique tools for business efficiency measurement and optimization. Our goal is to make VCA available not only for government and large corporations, but also for small businesses and even private persons. The indicator of our success is a spread speed of the network of our solutions.
Market of VCA growth rapidly CAGR 35% per year. In the same time increases functionality of the cameras - so massive usage of smart cameras is evident fact.


VisionLabs LLC was founded in 2012 by a team of computer vision researchers who recognized the growing need for «all-in-one» video processing solutions in the field of banking, retail, biometrics and security. In May 2012 VisionLabs officially became a participant of the IT Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. Main fields of reserach and development activity of the company are computer vision, machine learning, data mining and robotics. As part of the Skolkovo innovation project we are working on developing intelligent video processing devices for object recognition and analysis. We are team of highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge, including software and hardware engineers and world-class scientists. We are constantly improving our technologies, giving them new opportunities and finding the actual applications.

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