VisionLabs Luna - a software package facial recognition for banks and retail chains, solving the problem of instant verification and identification of customers for a photo or video images due to the unique quality and performance pattern recognition technology.


Market trends show an increase in the use of analytics to 35% annually. According to forecasts IMS Research, Markets & Markets, in 2017 the world market will amount to 6 bln. Dollars. United States, while the domestic market will be about 300 million. Dollars.


VisionLabs LLC was founded in 2012 by a team of computer vision researchers who recognized the growing need for «all-in-one» video processing solutions in the field of banking, retail, biometrics and security. In May 2012 VisionLabs officially became a participant of the IT Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation. Main fields of reserach and development activity of the company are computer vision, machine learning, data mining and robotics. As part of the Skolkovo innovation project we are working on developing intelligent video processing devices for object recognition and analysis. We are team of highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge, including software and hardware engineers and world-class scientists. We are constantly improving our technologies, giving them new opportunities and finding the actual applications.

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