Navigation technologies developer Spirit Navigation has received a resident status in Skolkovo’s cluster of space and telecommunication technologies with its project aimed at developing a hybrid GLONASS/GPS navigation receiver that enables positioning and geoinformation services inside buildings.

Most of modern navigators are not capable of detecting a mobile device inside a specific part of a building.

According to Spirit Navigation, system users will take full advantage of the new product's sensitivity, multi-system features and additional sources of data for positioning. The hybrid device can reportedly provide remote monitoring of transport in closed and underground parking spaces, natural canyons, mountains and other harsh locations, as well as navigate in industrial and induced noise conditions.

According to Ruslan Budnik, the company’s CEO, the first models of the GLONASS/GPS devices working inside buildings will be produced in 2013. The company is currently considering launching industrial-scale production of GLONASS/GPS compatible USB antennas supporting 4G format for laptops, pads, and communicators. The project will be carried out in partnership with unnamed Asian customers, including mobile device manufacturers, the firm said.

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