General manager of SPIRIT Navigation R.Budnik had spoken the report “Infrastructureless indoor navigation as value added service for cellular  communication” in scope of a pitch-session, which was organized by Skolkovo Space & Telecom cluster.

CTO of SPIRIT Navigation V.Sviridenko had made a presentation “INDOOR MAPPING AND POSITIONING: WHAT IS IT AND HOW TO PROVIDE IT”  on a round table “Navigation and mapping – two sides of a medal” and a presentation “INDOOR POSITIONING WITH 1m ACCURACY FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS” on a round Table “Indoor Navigation: for all and for everyone”. Also he took part in a seminar “Practice of development and usage of navigation receivers produced domestically with support of Glonass system” and made a report “Development of navigation solutions for outdoor and indoor positioning of mobile objects in SPIRIT Navigation during 2012-2014 years” and took active participation in discussions.

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