Fifth International Conference “Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation” was conducted in  October 27…30, 2014 in Busan, South Korea where some topics on indoor positioning  for mobile objects were considered and discussed (positioning in malls, airport buildings, railway stations, large storehouses etc., where it is impossible  to use satellite navigation due to blocking of radio-signals for the satellites) both for commercial usage and for professional one.

Last years development and deployment  of technologies and products of non-satellite  indoor positioning for mobile devices became an actual task. Navigation community which includes scientists and specialists from scientific institutes and industrial enterprises, who work in the field, was formed. Previous conferences which were conducted in different countries of Europe and Australia  since 2010 had convoked hundreds of participants. In 2014 such conference was conducted in South Korea and its  specific was carrying out Competition for revelation the best navigation solutions on indoor positioning, not only traditional lectures and discussions.  10 companies from different countries including Russian company SPIRIT Navigation were participants of the Competition. The companies presented their solutions on indoor positioning for smartphones. Three floor exhibition building (5000 sq m) was used as testing area. SPIRIT Navigation was only one representative of Russia and got 2d place and a diploma on the Competition.  So, reading a paper by SPIRIT Navigation’s representative which was hearty welcome by participants (the paper would be published soon in IPIN-2014 Proceedings under aegis of IEEE) and productive participation in the Competition itself showed  that developed technologies and navigation solution itself of Russian company is fully competitive on world market and its estimation by world navigation community is high.

In parallel (Oct 28…30) with IPIN-2014 traditional navigation GPS/GNSS Symposium was conducted in Tokyo, Japan, where SPIRIT’s representatives were giving  papers regularity. This time a representative of the company gave a presentation on developed technologies and solutions for car navigation in deep urban environment (tunnels, multitier road junctions etc.) and for indoor navigation based on smartphones/tablets. Also he did demonstrations for interested participants of the Symposium which maybe become potential clients.

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