The goal of this project is development and commercialization of experimental analytical system for nanotomography – three-dimensional multiparametric analysis of nanoscale structures in volume of soft biomaterials and biopolymers based on combination of techniques of scanning probe microscopy and cryoultramicrotomy.

Our technology provide crucial benefits for investigation of native structures of soft and hydrated materials (including biomaterials, biopolymers, most of polymer materials, elastomers, some nanocomposites and nanoliquids and more) at the nanoscale  We aim to provide solutions for: analysis of morphology and volume distribution of native nanocale structures in diagnosed tisuues and cells and other biological and biopolymer materials; analysis of volume distribution of nanoparticles and nanoclusters in polymer ans solid matrixes, including ones used in pharmceutical appications; study of three-dimensional structure of polymer and elastomer nanocomposites, nanoporous polymer matrixes and other polymer nanomaterial and nanoliquids.



Prospective customers and users for the project technology are:

research institutes/labs and industrial companies worldwide, specializing in the fields of biomaterials, biopolymers, polymers and resins, nanoemulsions, nanocomposites (including pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies). The project technology has already rose a significant interest in some leading world research centers (Weizmann Institute (Israel), Cornell University (USA), Graz Center for Electronic Microscopy (Austria), Dow Chemicals BV (Netherlands), Boston Scientific (USA), Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences). Total world market volume of probe and electron microscopes for biomedical, polymer and nanocomposite applications is currently estimated as 100 mln. $ with growth prospective to the value of 200 mln. $ till 2015. Scientific research complexes based on the project technology, may have a share of 10% of world market in these segments due to the unique research abilities provided.

Investment opportunities

We are looking for 10 mln. roubles coinvestment for 1 stage Skolkovo grant application.