On March, 11, 2013 Research and Development Center summarized the results of an open logo contest that had been held from February, 1 to 28. A total of 50 logo variants were received from 20 contestants. 47 logos from 19 participants were admitted for participation.

The contestants proved to be JSC Academician M. F.  Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, Russian students, professional designers and freelancers among the contestants. Keeping pace with men 7 of 19 contestants appeared to be women. The geographical range of the contest went beyond Zheleznogorsk, logo versions were received from the cities of Kansk and Saint-Petersburg.  

As a result the majority of votes were given by the Jury Board to Ilya Boikov, 23, a young Zheleznogorsk freelance designer who won the logo contest.

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