The company aims to create software and hardware for research and education in the field of robotics using the advanced technology of modern control theory.

The Company develops original robototizirovanny Designer, allowing to collect mobile robots and mechatronic systems of various configurations, differing bond strength.

A separate area is a technology licensing intelligent robot control and transfer them to third parties.


Potential markets: Russia, CIS countries, the European Union, the USA, Israel.

The main consumers of the products offered are research institutions and centers of excellence, academic institutions and university research and teaching laboratories specializing in the research and development of control systems for complex systems.

Given the high demand in Russia is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, modern research and training equipment that allows to experiment in the field of control theory, robotics and mechatronics, as well as what is currently in the Russian Federation, production of mechatronic and robotic equipment research virtually no, it is assumed the presence of significant effective demand for the product under development.

The high cost and limited-known designers allow the proposed product to attract consumers' attention in Russia, Europe and the United States.


The motivation for the creation of the company has served as the "Park of mechatronic and robotic research complexes" in the framework of the program "START". Robotronika company was established in 2010 at the Department of Management Systems and Information, ITMO.

Director General Pyrkin AA He is a member of IPACS and IEEE, and a member of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control (for the youth section).

The company has a patent for utility model. The founders of the company "Robotronika" have more than one hundred publications in leading international publications.

Investment opportunities

In the next phase of the project (July 2013 - July 2014) requires funding of $ 10 million. (As a co-investment with a grant Stage 1) to fine-tune the technology and the prototype and its preparation for entering the market in the form of software and hardware products.

It received an investment of 80 thousand dollars, RSVVenturePartnersLP, I.

Also, representatives of the company spoke to the large invetsorami and representatives of investment funds:

Speeches at the International Business Angels Assembly in St. Petersburg (the victory in the competition business presentations);

speech to VF Vekselberg at the Conference "Innovative environment: noon Skolkovo" 11.04.2012;

presentation to the investor O. Svintitskim representing major international investment fund Siguler Guff & Company.