The project is focused on creating high-tech hardware and software for mechatronic and robotic research complexes. A distinctive feature of the developed systems are original kinematic scheme, the complexity of the management, and multi-dimensional objects nepolnoprivodnye. Software development involves automatic and intelligent control, providing wide range of tasks under conditions of uncertainty.


The motivation for the creation of the company has served as the "Park of mechatronic and robotic research complexes" in the framework of the program "START". Robotronika company was established in 2010 at the Department of Management Systems and Information, ITMO.

Director General Pyrkin AA He is a member of IPACS and IEEE, and a member of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control (for the youth section).

The company has a patent for utility model. The founders of the company "Robotronika" have more than one hundred publications in leading international publications.