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Scalable platform for the development of integrated M2M solutions - «GO +».
The basis of the project is to create a flexible, scalable service platform to provide comprehensive M2M-solutions. Platform «GO +» - is a "cloud" service, which allows to combine a variety of devices, including M2M, in a single service, drawing on the new device, and already operating in other services.
The platform allows users to quickly deploy M2M-required services and create new ones based on the provided API. Use of the platform will accelerate the introduction of the concepts of Smart City and Internet of Things, as well as to realize the unified control and management of existing heterogeneous M2M-solutions.
The solution presented SaaS business model of distribution for both free and commercial use - «all-in-one solution." Access to client service is delivered through a browser or a mobile application for thin client technology. The use of modern client-server technology allows the use of modern business model of providing software that will reduce the costs of the use and deployment of 6-7. System does not bind to a specific type and manufacturer of equipment incorporated in the architecture of the system support for wireless sensor networks.
Development and implementation of a scalable platform «GO +» will lead to a significant change and the distribution of roles in the market. The appearance of such a service in the unrestricted access and low cost significantly shift the use of existing solutions.


LBS is a part of M2M market. IKT-consulst estimates 25-time market growth rate until 2020. 
Berg insight estimates 37% growth of the number of connections in 2011, reaching 108 mln. In the following 5 years average annual growth rate will estimate 27,2%. By the year 2016 there will be 359 mln connections worldwide. Russian market is developing in accordance with the world trends.


"GS Digital Technology" Ltd is a company created to deploy a scalable platform for integrated M2M solutions.

Investment opportunities

The «GO+» project is currently seeking for a strategic investment partner. Project’s NPV estimates 200 mln. rubles. Investment requirements are about 60 mln.rubles.
Now we are looking for a strategic investor, we need 20 million rubles to build a prototype.

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