Target Mediсals LLC


Our team is working on novel drugs discovery for treatment of endocrine disorders (in patients with aldosterone-mediated resistant arterial hypertension and diabetes) and drug-resistant infectious diseases (MDR/XDR forma of tuberculosis and fungal infections).

We have developed technological platform for drug discovery, based on our achievements in research of cytochromes P450 – special enzymes playing a vital role in human and microorganisms. 


Total market potential of our projects is more that 5 bln. USD per year 


Target Medicals is a privately held biotech company focused on novel drug discovery and commercialization of our research achievements. Our team consists of competent specialists in science, medicine and business, ensuring a professional management and multi-disciplinary approach in early-stage drug development.

Investment opportunities

We are open for collaboration in venture fundidng of our research activity.

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