SMP Robotiks


The development of autonomous motion control system based on ground robot vision systems. The project addressed issues of selecting the optimal path of travel, bypass obstacles, visual location. All algorithmic solutions implemented on embedded proprietary calculators.

Autonomous control system used in the security robot "Tral Patrol." Equipped with a panoramic surveillance system the robot is able to perform automatic passages of the protected area and intended to replace the patrolling guard. Since the beginning of 2015 began trial operation of the security robots.


The company is currently focusing its efforts on the development of multi-agent technology with elements of artificial intelligence applied to the problems of mobile ground robotics.


Guard Robot "Tral Patrol" is designed to provide mobile remote video surveillance at sporting facilities, city parks, areas of holiday homes, energy infrastructure, in private households.

Business model assumes rental and leasing ChOPam security robots.


"Robotics SMP" specializes in the development and serial production of electronic products intended for video processing and machine vision systems. In 1998, the first in Russia has developed and mastered serial production of video recorders. The serial products have repeatedly flew into space.

The company's team provides a full development cycle from design electronics circuitry calculators to their programming and testing.

It has a successful experience in developing robots wheeled chassis capacity up to 100 kg.

Investment opportunities

In a co-production of serial production of security robots.