Amalthea-Service, LLC


Proposed commercialization of CWS (Coal Water Slurry Fuel) preparation&combustion technologies on markets of small-to-medium size heating (district heating and industry heating&power generation).

First sales of described CWS production units already exist in Russia and abroad (mostly).

At the moment already created and patented unique device for CWS production the lack of which delayed technology growing.


Depending on area and local prices for energy sources there are several market segments for CWS.

CWS markets in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, etc.:

  • gas heating houses from 1MW till 20..50MW
  • oil/gas heating houses and power stations of different power
  • coal heating houses with low efficient coal combustion (layer combustion), typically from 1MW till 10MW.

In Russia:

  • most of mazut (heavy oil) heating houses - Murmanskaya, Arkhangelskay regions, Far East, Krasnoyarskiy kray, etc.
  • coal heating houses with low efficient coal combustion.
  • gas heating houses since the the gas price will be increased


Amalthea-Service is an engineering company established on 2004 and specialized on re-born and further development of CWS technology on different markets.

Company developed unique CWS production technology. Company also has different solutions for CWS combustion which are near to standard ones.

Company formalized the markets of CWS and made detailed investigation of CWS benefints, technical and financial.

Amalthea-Service has great international contacts which allow to efficiently develop&promote CWS technology all over the world.

Team [3]

Morozov Andrey Gennadievich
Morozov Andrey Gennadievich

PhD., Initiator, General project management, strategy development&approval...

Promtov Maksim Aleksandrovich
Promtov Maksim Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Science, professor of chair "Technospheric security...

Ewald Babka
Ewald Babka

Austria, Wiener Neustadt Consultant for introducing technology...