Development and manufacture of essentially new technology and equipment of new generation of modular type for surface treatment of metal-rolling of metal and alloys.

Essence of innovation: replacement of traditional cleaning methods of outdated equipment for innovative JCV cleaning methods using JCV chambers of modular type allowing to exclude the energy consuming processes, to increase the efficiency and performance of cleaning processes, to decrease the resources consumption and cost price of the products, to increase the cleaning quality of the surface.

Uniqueness of JCV technology consists of special structure of JCV chamber creating the cavitational effect that in combination with the jet vortical flow of liquid allows to clean the surface of pipes from process lubricants in environmentally safe water solutions with low concentration of washing agents (less than 1%).

Advantage of the project: This is a breakthrough technology because 1) it possesses the universality regardless the nature of metal and grease, it gives the possibility to use the cleaning units in flow production. 2) it is highly efficient and provides the significant energy saving on the operations of surface preparation, i.e. 38-40 times more efficient providing at the same time the high cleaning quality. 3) process is environmentally friendly and environmentally safe, and it provides the improvement of working conditions.

Product of the project: JCV technology and modular cleaning units for removal of process lubricants from the external and internal surface of pipes made of different metals and alloys.

JCV method testing

In 2014÷2015 specialists of JSC STC "Trubmetprom" together with the specialists of metallurgical and machine building industry conducted tests of JCV method of removal of process lubricant from the surface of roll metal products. Tests were conducted on the pilot JCV module on the experimental site of JSC STC "Trubmetprom".

Pipes made of stainless steel, titanium, zirconium alloys and carbon steels of the Customer were processed in JCV module.

Tests with representatives: JSC TMK "INOX", JSC "PNTZ", JSC "Sinarsky Pipe Plant", JSC
"Elemash–Spetstrubprokat",  JSC "Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" and JSC "Uraltrubmash"

Also the specialists from the following companies participated in the conduction of the tests: JSC "Uralgipromez", JSC "MMK- METIZ", JSC "Sodruzhestvo", JSC "Uralauto", SPC "Galvanus",

SUSU, representatives of Non-profit partnership "Centrvtortsvetmet", Ministry of Industry and

Ministry of Economic Development of Chelyabinsk Region.

JCV technology is protected by patents:

№ 2355484 "Method of cleaning of cylindrical long-length product"

№ 2391151 "Method of drying of cylindrical products"




Finishing occupy ~20% share of the metal treatment market while finishing treatment 10%. Trubmetprom seeks to take 5% share in this segment. According to the company estimates the market will grow up to 20-30% due to the modernization of the production facilities and the increase of consumption. The market of the metallurgical equipment in Russia is controlled by SMS Group, Siemens VAI and Danieli. Their share is about 70% of all deliveries. Shortcomings are: low quality of cleaning and environmental insecurity.

Target Market size $8.6B (global) $4.0B (Russia)


Target Market Metallurgy (iron and steel industry, nonferrous metallurgy, rolling industry). Mechanical engineering (production of pipes for the fuel and energy complex, nuclear power, etc.)


Scientific and Technical Centre "Trubmetprom" is the only company in Russia that produces and implements the energy saving, ecologically safe jet cavitational and vortical technology and jet cavitational and vortical modules of cleaning surface of metal-rolling.

Development and implementation:

- universal plant for electrochemical treatment of pipes from refractory metals and alloys in
FSUE-SSC RF - Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk)
- automatic installation of the anode-hydraulic processing of stainless steel pipes for Open-type
joint-stock company
"Mashinostroitelny Zavod" (
ОАО MSZ) (Elektrostal)

- automatic installation for removal of process lubricant from the external and internal surface of
pipes on OOO "ELEMASH-STP" (Elektrostal).

- developed and manufactured "Unit for removal of process lubricant from the surface of pipes Ø 4÷12 mm" does not have any analogues in the domestic and foreign practice. The unit is implemented on the new galvanizing line MARCEGAGUA (Italy) at JSC "NTPZ" (Pervouralsk Pipe Plant) instead of the installation of thermal degreasing.

Final products are: cleaning units for pipe cleaning and licenses for sale. The potential clients are companies of metallurgy and mechanical engineering industry. The company plans to start production of jet cavitational and vortical modules in the own facilities and in the facilities of the partner in 2018.

JSC STC "Trubmetprom" participates actively in International forums, exhibitions, conferences such as "Metal-EXPO", "Diversification of Military-industrial complex", "Hi-Tech", Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes", Saint-Petersburg innovation forum, Moscow innovation forum of innovations and investments, International Congress "OPEN RUSSIA", «Coatings and surface treatment", etc.


Innovation developments were awarded 34 gold medals, 11 silver medals, prize "Idea of Year 2009", Grand Prix, 4 fold medals of Croatian association of inventors", 2 gold medals of Moldavian State University.

Investment opportunities

Seeking €1M funding for industrial sample of jet cavitational and vortical installation.

Team [14]

Sergey Nikolayevich Sirotkin
Sergey Nikolayevich Sirotkin

Project manager, PhD in Technical Sciences Director General...

Viktor Vladimirovich Kovalev
Viktor Vladimirovich Kovalev

Project manager, PhD in Technical Sciences Director General...

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Voronina
Tatyana Aleksandrovna Voronina

Responsible executor of project, Deputy Director General of...

Nikita Maksimovich Kuznetsov
Nikita Maksimovich Kuznetsov

Executor of project, student of Aerospace Faculty of the SUSU...

Mihail Georgievich Klimov
Mihail Georgievich Klimov

Chief Engineer