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Tsuru is a multipurpose small unmanned aerial vehicle - a tilt-rotor with remote and autonomous navigation. It is based on a unique control system, which gives the tilt-rotor abilities to perform fully autonomous missions. Prototype of our UAV was demonstrated at several conferences, and is now being prepared for testing at EMERCOM Russia. Tsuru is developed by Skoltech alumni, who previously studied in MIT,MIPT,MSU. In the future Tsuru will be used as a universal platform for controlling UAVs.



Major players on the market are Europe, Israel, USA. Civil micro-UAV market is growing. The volume of the micro-UAV market in 2014 is $1.33B, by the end of 2019 the forecast of the growth is up to $1.9B.

There is the forecast that by the beginning of 2019 the volume of the Russian market would be about $2B. The volume of the UVTOL niche in 2013 was about $200M.

Russian UVTOL market:
Our primary target market is Russian market. Reasons: the policy of import substitution, the length of the country, the remoteness of the underdeveloped regions. By the end of 2020 the Government will allocate around 400B rub. for the UAV development and about 320B rub. for the purchase.

Main market areas in Russia:
Farmland monitoring. The financing is made by each region separately. The examples are – Stavropol spends about 25M rub a year, Hakasia spends about 2M rub. a year.
Forest fires monitoring. Government spends about 1B rub. a year. The damage from fire is from 40B to 300B rub. a year. The videomonitoring market is estimated as $5B.
Pipelines and electrical lines monitoring.
Monitoring is now done by MI-8 helicopters (400 00 rub for an hour of flight).

Market strategy
The UAV market in Russia is actively developing but generally its multicopters, helicopters and planes. We need to introduce UVTOL to the market to begin selling the control system for UVTOLs. In the short term we plan to sell complete ready to use complex with the UVTOL. In the long term we plan to sell only control system to the manufacturers of the UAVs.


The founders of the company and team leaders are young scientists who studied at MIPT/MSU/MIT/Skoltech.

Investment opportunities

The project is on early stage, currently seeking for seed funding.


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