1. We have designed and produced Russian's first  3D bioprinter; original technical and engineering solution are based on special features of own bioprinting technology.  Patent application submitted. 2. Unique software has been developed; 3. Research continues into bioreactor and other elements of the biofabrication technological platform are in process; 4.   In creating our own bio-ink, we have developed the technology of large-scale manufacturing of tissue spheroids; the bio-ink manufacturing process has been developed and standardized.5. An ultra-modern, fully-equipped, biotechnology research laboratory has been built in Moscow; 6. An international multi-disciplinary team of researchers, engineers and management has been formed.  7. An intellectual potential and the unique experience of leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine have been incorporated; collaboration between research groups, strictly adherent to the principles of evidence-based medicine, is carried out at the international level;8. Research work is performed in accordance with the approved concept under the supervision of V. Mironov, a tissue engineer and inventor of the 3D organs printing technology, MD, PhD, professor, 3D Technologies Department, CTI, Brazil; engineering School of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the Virginia State University, USA.  Professor Mironov is also the author of such patents as «Production of vascular prostheses  with the use of nanofibers», «Device for production of tissue spheroids», «Hydrogel for three-dimensional tissue constructs», etc. 

Team [8]