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GIPERKOLOBOK - an electronic toy that can perform not only the programmed actions - this robot can safely be called the world's first robot others due to his ability to think.


The robot has its own character and the ability to evolve. Every day he trained on the events occurring around him, and remembers that like its owner, and that - not how much the owner wakes up, how much is coming home, what time loves to play with him, and when prefers to watch TV. Lifestyle and psycho host affects the formation of the character of the robot, making each robot unique.


Giperkolobok autonomous, there is no need to use the remote, or to program it. You just need to turn it on, and you can control it by voice commands.


Market home robots is considered one of the most dynamic and promising. According to the Japan Association of robotics, industrial robots are used in the field of high-precision production, the growth of this market is rather limited. Household robots - a robotic vacuum cleaners, The Lawnmower Man, dishwashers and so on. D. - That is operating only one specific action.


At home also robots much more prospects for growth. Take into account the least social trends gain a sense of "loneliness" of people, the frequency of "urban depression" increase in the average age of marriage, we can safely predict a decent demand for new electronic toys that will be affordable, but quite functional, intelligent and "mental." That is, demand is not just a domestic assistant, but rather a partner - one that serves for fun, entertainment and reduce the symptoms of loneliness, etc.


The world market capacity of domestic robots is projected to be of the Japanese Association of Robotics in 2025 66 billion dollars. The market is divided among four major players - Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States - these countries are leading the demand for robotehnicheskuyu products.


Now a lot of different robots are specialized devices that are programmed for one or two operations, but, according to research by the International Federation of Robotics, a growing number of consumers are interested in it "smart" electronic robots with different functions (the ability to speak, move, adapt to the situation - to show the beginnings natural, human intelligence) than just a vacuum cleaner or floor cleaners.


After 7 years, most households will already have a home intelligent robot, or, at least, to plan such a purchase in the near future - such data IFR predicts.


LLC "IWMI - Intelligent systems» (www.hyperbok.ru) was established in 2008 on the basis of "PEACOCK Technology» (www.pawlin.ru) to highlight the project to create intelligent robot toys in a separate company.


History of project financing

1) Bortnik Fund, the program START-08, 1 year 750 000 rub., The state contract on "Development of a multi-purpose interactive intelligent mini-robot platform (IWMI)";

2) Bortnik Fund, START program, 2 year, 1 500 000 rub., The state contract on the theme "Development and research of scaling a multi-purpose interactive intelligent mini-robot platform (IWMI)";

3) The Ministry of Education and Science, a government contract of 9 September 2011, 7.5 million rubles. on the theme "Development of software robot control with elements of emotional and communicative behavior."

4) The project also won the competition Microsoft Business Start (code MS BizSpark: 1400011568)

http://www.cnews.ru/downloads/MBS_Winners2009.doc, but the company was not able to contract to perform work because of bureaucratic barriers (while exist a contract with the Foundation Bortnik).


Production capacity

The company has a permanent staff, office, all you need to develop and test equipment. Production of the devices will be organized in China, assembly - in the suburbs.

Investment opportunities

The company needs 36 million. Rubles. on the creation of a party of 500 pieces of robots.

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