NMT-New Mobile Technologies

24 November, 2014, St.Petersburg


The new, second release of UbiqMobile by New Mobile Technologies LLC, a framework for cross-platform development of distributed mobile applications with complex server-side business logic, was announced the last week of November.

The first full-functional version of the platform was released at the end of August this year.

The new version supports push notifications and secure connections between server and mobile clients. In addition, development team made serious improvements in the existing functionality.

The major highlights of the last release are

-         Push notifications

-         Secure SSL connections

-         IDE usability improvements (particularly, visual UI designer)

-         Improving stability of mobile connection breaks handling

-         New mechanism of UbiqMobile applications localization

-         Improved mechanism of load balancing in the cloud

-         Expanded and improved documentation


New Mobile Technologies, the company which was founded to develop innovative new technologies for creation of mobile business apps, such as UbiqMobile - a framework for cross-platform  development of distributed mobile applications with complex server-side  business logic, which can work on wide range of mobile devices, in slow and unstable mobile networks.

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