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The Founders of LLC Geomera (“Company”) have developed innovative set of programs and libraries of algorithms “3Dom” (the “Technology”) for 3D measurement systems of solid objects that integrates several features, such as automatic selection of optimal signal processing algorithm, automatic adjustment of exposure, algorithms for interpolation of trajectory of moving parts of measurement system, ability of integration into control software of a manual or automatic measurement cycle, which allow to accelerate and to simplify the creation and to reduce the cost of new geometry measurement systems based on laser triangulation sensors and modernization of existing ones.


Capacity of the world market of laser-based measuring systems can be evaluated using data of the VDC Research Group.Compared with 2008, in 2009 there was a decline in the target market.But in 2010 the situation changed.Market size of laser-based measuring systems is forecasted to increase from $ 1.5 billion in 2011 to 2 billion in 2013. According to the market research the main customers of such systems will be China and Brazil.

According to the collected data from various sources, as well as from my own experience, there are several companies in the field of contactless dimensional inspection in the Russian market.TDI SIE SB RAS has the most successful business. In 2008, they introduced automated diagnostic system of parameters control of car wheel pairs "Complex" ( in some branches of JSC "Russian Railways".At the moment fifty-nine such systems have been implemented  ( Besides TDI SIE SB RAS has several dimensional control developments in engineering, metallurgy and nuclear industries ( "UralNITI" supplies the inspection systems for geometry measurement of cases in the oil and gas industry. In March 2012, the company Consolidated Services together with "UralNITI" in Pyt-Yah launched complex to repair and clean the cases ( company Riftek develops measurement systems for rail transport (, also on the basis of laser sensors Riftek company "Diesel Test Komplect" developed the 3D scanning system of forge pieces (http: / / key = 69). NPP "Prism" specializes mainly on the development of laser triangulation sensors and has a small assortment of measurement systems for the military-industrial complex and roll products.


In 2010, project was awarded a grant of FASIE "U.M.N.I.K.". On the funds managed to build experimental facility, to develop a core set of algorithms for signal processing of laser triangulation sensors, to conduct experiments and data analysis. In 2011, he won the third Youth Innovation Convention Sverdlovsk region in the "Special category". Due to collected the funds our company assembled experimental setup, developed an initial set of signal processing algorithms laser triangulation sensors, carried out experiments, and initial data analysis. The project is actively involved in competitions and exhibitions (Zvorykinsky project, Seliger 2011, etc.). The project team quickly gains experience, new ideas, contacts and suggestions. LLC "Geomera" was founded. In 2012, due to the project "3Dom", the team received a grant from the SME Innovation Centre of the Sverdlovsk region as a beginner small innovative company in the amount of $17,000, also our company won grant “S.T.A.R.T.” in the amount of $35,000. The Company will also be able to access Skolkovo and other financing organizations to fund its research and development and intellectual property protection.In late 2012, the project won the All-Russian competition of scientific and innovative projects. The project team received a grant from the RVC for travel and representation of their product in the Russian Innovation Week 2013. The project became a resident of Skolkovo. Russian media wrote some articles about project. We held meetings with potential customers – ABB, Riftek, Rusnano project NPC “Springs”.

Investment opportunities

The Company is seeking equity financing of $260,000 and will secure debt financing of $800,000 from grants and government agencies. It will use these funds to finish research and development and to commercialize the Technology. The Company has already received financial support from government in the amount of $70,000.

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