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A key activity of "xTurion" is development of the adaptive hardware and software systems for mobile service robots. It is a step forward from the manual control, common for telepresence systems or primitive motion algorithms of robotic vacuum cleaners or automatic lawn mowers.

Key advantages of the developing robotic system compare to known analogs is the motion planning and control system. Behind software extended functionality are fundamental approaches, originally developed by the project team, including parametric and signal disturbances compensation, remote control, localization and mapping, planning of optimal trajectories in the unstructured environment with dynamic obstacles.

Implemented algorithms allows to compensate for a variation of parameters of the robot (mass, inertia, friction) and external disturbances (surface roughness), while low-dynamic-order controllers and output control approach ensure minimal load on the sensors and the embedded computing system. Since the robot has original kinematical scheme, underactuated systems control algorithms were implemented, reducing the load on embedded computer system, and thus extending the battery life. The solution does not require deployment of supporting infrastructure and includes user-friendly interface.

System can be integrated with building automation systems, security and fire alarm systems, etc. Small teams of mobile robots can be coordinated by the system when working on large areas. System has the ability to switch between autonomous modes. Depending on the task complexity robot performs independent patrolling between the characteristic points, including battery charging. First implementation of these technologies were applied in robot xTurion. In basic version xTurion builds map, plans motion, recharge battery, streams video from onboard camera, controls remotely by the user via a web interface and mobile application.

Optimal balance is achieved between coverage area and sensor equipment by mobility of the robot. Sometimes the video is not enough, so robot is equipped with temperature, leak, gas and other sensors. Due to the modular structure sensor options may vary depending on the application.

At home xTurion can be used for the following tasks:

·         Independent monitoring of intrusion, leaks or fire during your absence. Robot will automatically send you an email notification when sensor triggers.

·         Visual checking of security and fire alarms. Imagine you're away from home on vacation or have an important meeting or in a traffic jam. Incoming call comes from security company to confirm the alarm. Previously, you had to go home to check if everything is ok, or to confirm the alarm with the risk to pay for a false call. With xTurion checking the real situation with your phone or your computer takes a couple of minutes. xTurion can be interesting for people who already use video monitoring service. When integrated with the security system robot automatically goes to the appropriate position and begins video streaming, which makes easier work of operators of security companies.

·         Intelligent climate control and energy efficiency as part of the "smart home "

·         Child and pets care.

xTurion can help companies organize 24/7 monitoring in offices as well as monitoring of extended communications ( pipe and cable wiring). System performs independent patrolling between the characteristic points by schedule, including battery charging, and sends alerts. Our robot is not lazy, does not want to sleep and does not require a salary. It works equally efficient at any time of the day and year. For large areas monitoring system can coordinate multiple mobile units.

Robot has user-friendly interface which allows you to:

·         Remotely control the robot;

·         Watch Online video from onboard camera;

·         Display floor plan with localization and sensor mapping (plan provides manual scaling and rotation, automatic rotation to current direction of robot). Plan can be edited manually if nessesary.

·         Set multiple routes on the plan simultaneously with patrol schedule (time, number of repetitions, speed limit);

·         Export and import plans and routes, share them between robots;

·         View telemetry system log and archives;


·         Set notification scenarios to send automatic updates to the user via email and SMS (sensor triggering, fault, etc.).


Video surveillance: 2013 -$15 billion; 2014 -$18billion; 2015–$22 billion; 2016 –$25,43 billion (CAGR 19.35%)


– Home Security systems: 2011 -$20.64 billion;2017 –$34.46billion(CAGR 9,1%, US -55,6%)


xTurion company was founded in March of 2012 and became one of the  first participants of the iDealMachine start-up accelerator. In April of 2013 company acquired Skolkovo participant status in IT cluster. In June of 2013 xTurion got AA rating by Russian Startup Rating. In November of 2013 we became winners of Russian Robotics Challenge.

In our work we combine development of the adaptive hardware and software systems for mobile service robots with commercial product development. We combine original engineering and scientific solutions with detailed business strategy.

Key project team members - alumni and staff of NRU ITMO, who have strong background in research projects, including foreign partners, and work experience in leading IT companies. Chief Executive Officer - Sergey Kolyubin, Ph.D., research associate in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), 2 years work experience in R&D Center of General Motors company, USA.

Scientific Consultant - Bobtsov Alexey, doctor of technical sciences, professor in systems analysis, control and information processing of the NRU ITMO, Dean of the Computer Technologies and Control faculty, member of the Scientific Council of RAS on the theory of controlled processes and automation, Author of more than 150 scientific publications, including 3 books.

Business Consultant – Fradkov Sergey brings 20 years of Information Technology experience developing software for mobile devices, e-commerce, trading and financial systems for clients like Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investment and Morgan Stanley as well as building and managing large development organizations with more than 100 engineers in hi-tech software companies w-Trade and Dynoplex.

Also there are software and embedded system developers, electronics and mechanics engineers in our team at the moment

Investment opportunities

In june of 2012 we got first investments from RSV Venture parnters company and developed 2 robot prototypes. Our goal - transformation of existing beta version to a prototype ready to launch into production. Company doesn’t require investments for this task.

We will be happy to meet with potential investors for the next round necessary for organizing supply chains and sales and production.

We plan to sell about 50 000 robots in 5 years and get about 30 mln revenue on this stage and achieve elf-sufficiency in 2015.

Team [3]

Sergey Kolyubin
Sergey Kolyubin

Founder, CEO, MSc.in Automation and Control, PhD in System...

Aleksey Bobtsov
Aleksey Bobtsov

Scientific Adviser, Ph.D., Head of the Control systems and...

Ilya  Grigoriev
Ilya Grigoriev

Business development director, a specialist in corporate computer...

Investors [1]

RSV Venture Partners
RSV Venture Partners

RSV Venture Partners is an early stage venture fund and a...