“AHP-technology to grow perfect and cheap single crystals, development of CdZnTe detectors and based on them devices”  

At the current stage AHP-technology allow o grow CdZnTe single crystals with prime-cost 100 $\cm3.

(world price 400-1000 $\cm3). 



The total market of detectors is about 50 bln $. Among them, inspite of obvious advantages, the CdZnTe ones are less than 10% only because of high prices.  

AHP-techology will make CdZnTe detector affordable, which, in next turn, will push up market many times. 

Now, the only initial confirmed requirements of local customers a few time higher than our production capacity. 


CrystalsNord Technology 

Company does scientific research of single crystals growth and developed own innovative AHP-technology.

The single crystals of Ge, CdZnTe, CdTe, ZnTe,

GaSb, GaInSb, Bi4Ge3O12, Li2B4O7, KMgF3, CsI, NaI, NaCl, CaF, KMg3[AlSi3O10]F2 have been grown. 


Pilot production of wafers for high-tech industry.


AHP-technology allow to sell perfect crystals at lower prices with a few times higher profitbility.

Investment opportunities

External investment is to be discussed. This would allow company to speed up development and take leading position on the world market.   


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