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Quality testing of insulated wire in elecrical motors currently needs tan delta testing equipment, usually located in a lab near manufacturing lines. Testing process still requires a significant amount of time and it is not very accurate. Current technology only allows for offline testing, which means that the wire manufacturers test the quality of the finished product only after they have manufactured a significant quantity of the product. Offline testing process is therefore prone to scrap generation, if the quality test give negative results.

Besides, needs for quality check of secondary insulation of electrical motors is heavily felt in the industry, especially for degradation of insulating characteristics during the life cycle of the motors. Currently no sensors are able to check, real-time and in a non destructive way, the quality and dielectric properties of secondary insulation.

Our project:

Near infrared sensors for measuring the quality of insulated wire in electric motors, transformers, generators. We are the first in the world to manufacture a system which allows to measure the chemical structure of insulating polymers, online, in a non-destructive way.


Our market:

Tan delta testing equipment.

We manufacture the first online secondary insulation quality testers in the world.

Our vision:

80% of market share in 3 years time. Sales started in late 2014, and for Y2015 sales volume will exceed $500.000.


Tau Industries LLC - innovation company focused on r&d and innovative solutions for manufacturing.

  • Created in 2008 for manufacturing processes optimisation, we started developing our own products in 2013.
  • Our background: project management, mechanical engineering, electrical machinery, IT algorithmics.
  • Our experience: 10 engineers with 15-years track record.

Investment opportunities

Tau Industries successfully raised private investments in two separate rounds, during 2014 and 2015.

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