The main product of the project - software RNS, designed to meet the challenges of mobile robot navigation indoors. A prototype of the product tested and to get feedback from customers and the conclusion of technical expertise. RNS software modified to the stage of the beta-version with limited functionality. Implemented sales beta-version software RNS and executed joint development with customers SU robots. Currently it is finalized software RNS to the stage of a commercial product.


The company "Cibo Tech" is a developer of autonomous navigation and control of mobile robots.


The company was founded in 2013 by a team of like-minded team of the company "Cibo Robotics" involved in this project since 2011, as well as nanotechnology center "T-Nano", which today is our strategic partner, and as well as we focused on the development of advanced technologies.


The company "Cibo Teck" specializes in the development of control systems of autonomous mobile robots and their integration for a variety of service tasks. Of greatest interest to us are the problems associated with the development of control systems for robots used in tasks: patrolling and surveillance, transport and logistics, cleaning, office and industrial premises, to interact with the human, educational and research purposes.

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