CyberTech Labs


Professionals of personal and service robotics are interested in unified hardware and software platform, built on a powerful robotics controller TRIK, which is functionally superior to counterparts in the price segment of the mass market. TRIK is a robotics platform, that includes all the necessary system and application software, extensible visual programming environment, and kit for prototyping. The project came to an early stage of the sales and is going forward to scale.


TRIK aims to become #1 solution on the global market of personal and service robotics. The first stage is educational market, where TRIK supplemets existing solutions and fits into niche of "modern and smart", because combines simplicity of kits for beginners with power, opennes and extensibility of semi-professional platforms and DIY kits.


CyberTech Labs was founded to realize business ideas for the emerging market of service robotics. Team of experienced engineers, researchers, robotics enthusiasts and businessmen has previous work experience in the area of HW and SW business. Cumulative engineering team experience is 100 man-years in embedded systems development and is backed by 100 man-years management team with investors' money. We are Scolkovo residents since 2013. Winners and laureates of different business and robotics challenges. 

Team [2]

Roman Luchin
Roman Luchin

co-founder, CEO

Iakov Kirilenko
Iakov Kirilenko

Co-founder, Business development director