“VDM-tekhnika” LLC

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The Project is aimed at solving problem - the lack of electric generators for wind turbines (WT), which make it possible to effectively use wind energy in the range of average annual wind speed (Vave) of 3-6 m/s. New technical solutions developed within the framework of the Project ensure efficient operation of the wind turbines with EMG with a power factor at least 0.32 and the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of 0.15 USD/kWh at the sites with Vave at 4 m/s and more.


VDM-tekhnika” LLC performs R&D and pilot production of electric motors and electric generators based on the synchronous electric machines with the permanent magnet excitation, power and control electronics, electric drives, small wind turbines and micro hydro plants. The company has skilled staff with many years of experience in solving scientific and productive problems.

"VDM-tekhnika" LLC has scientific and design departments, cutting-edge testing and pilot production bases, successfully exploits more than 20 years of technological advance in the form of the results of research, development and engineering works for use in products for various purpose.

The inventions of "VDM-tekhnika" refers to a new stage of development of smart electro-mechanical drive systems and are based on R&D aimed at reducing the weight and dimensions, the use of advanced conducting, magnetic and insulating materials.

"VDM-tekhnika" LLC is a participant of the Technology platform "Promising renewable energy technologies". The project to develop wind turbine generators for a more efficient use of wind energy is included in the strategic program of research conducted by the technology platform.

"VDM-tekhnika" LLC is a resident of the innovation center Skolkovo, has the ability to use scientific infrastructure facilities and scientific equipment of Center.

In 2015-2017 the Project co-financed by the Skolkovo Foundation was implemented. The designed wind turbine for high efficient operating in the extended range of wind speeds, including the areas with the average annual wind speed (Vave) of 3-6 m/s, was created.

In course of the Project on the test site in St. Petersburg wind monitoring was held (IEC 61400-2) and field test of wind turbine was conducted (IEC 61400-12-1) with the use of hardware and software complex including wind measuring complex. International Project expertise was conducted by DNV GL.

The small wind turbine prototype was tested, in the result the rated wind speed was 7 m/s, the value of installed power efficiency (capacity factor) was more than 0.50 for Vave 5-10 m/s.

The international applications PCT/RU2015/000918 and PCT/RU2016/000868 "The method of regulating wind motor power take-off" were filed on the obtaining of invention patents.

The company creates wind turbines up to 100 kW for operating in an expanded range of wind speeds, adapted to the cold climate.

The company performs the works for creation remote microgrid systems with a high degree of fuel substitution based on renewable energy sources (RES).


"VDM-tekhnika" LLC is a member of the Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) and American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).