Mikael Abgaryan

Head of department of collaboration with medical institutes. Candidate of technical sciences. He graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, department of microelectronics in 1983 and received profession “engineer of electronic appliances”. From 1984 till 1991 -taught at the department of microelectronics and led the laboratory of microelectronics at Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, where he defended master's thesis. Since 2002 he has been head of LLC “Course-AS1” (www.course-as.ru), working in Moscow. He has experience in organization of development and production of professional graphic DICOM stations for creation, storing, processing and visualization, printing and viewing medical images and documents (DICOM station “Michelangelo”). Experience in introduction of systems for storage, processing and visualization of medical images at Russian medical institutes and hospitals. Since 2013 - has been leading the department of collaboration with medical institutes at CJSC “Socmedica”. Mikael organizes collaboration with medical science centers for filling UMKB and deals with potential investors.