Qrator LabsdevelopsRadar service, designed to enhancethe performance andnetwork design. To solve this issue inRadar.Qratorapplymethods of mathematical modelingthe connectivity of the networksforcross-domainnetworklevel (Autonomous systems). This allowsto detectboth intentional and unintentionalrouting anomaliesthat disruptor significantlydegrade the connectivity of the network.


Unlike companies that charge you by the attack, we filter your website traffic 24/7 at a predictable, fixed monthly cost, so you can budget for DDoS protection and control IT costs, with no hardware to purchase. We work with organizations in a variety of industries including financial institutions, media, content aggregators, ecommerce and gaming.


Website users take it for granted that your website will be available and working reliably every time they visit. When DDoS attacks bring down your company’s website or cause frustrating delays in response times, they undermine the trust of users and customers, not to mention the negative impact on your bottom line.

 Qrator Labs is the new leader in DDoS attack mitigation. Qrator, our innovative network filtering solution, helps mid-market and enterprise organizations proactively, reliably and affordably protect their websites from the most harmful, sophisticated DDoS attacks.

 Our engineers are key to our success. Hailing from some of the best technical universities in The world, the team spends much of their time engaged in research; deepening Qrator Labs' expertise in our core competencies:

  • Real-time traffic analysis and filtering
  • High-performance hardware and software solutions
  • Functional and stress testing of networks and networking applications
  • Network security audits
  • Continuous machine-learning