OOO EkzoAtlet


ExoAtlet project is an exoskeleton for rehabilitation and social adaptation used for rehabilitation of people with disorder of locomotory function of lower limbs through replicating walking biomechanics, ease of usage, affordability and used technologies.


Rehabilitation centers, hospitals and clinics


In Russia, more than 20 000 health care facilities and more than 6,000 hospitals. Segment mechanotherapy equipment for the treatment of patients with movement disorders is estimated 2-2.5 bln. Rub. a year and has the potential to increase to 10-15 bln. rubles. per year in the long term.


Natural persons (for personal use)


In Russia, is at least 1.4 million people. uses a wheelchair, the annual volume of the market - about 2 billion. rubles or 150 000 units wheelchairs.


With a very high probability of an exoskeleton as a means of social adaptation and rehabilitation of everyday form a brand new market as a commodity, additional wheelchair. The purpose EkzoAtleta - 10% of the market.


The main directions of commercialization


The first version of the product - ExoAtlet I is intended for use by individuals at home and to equip the offices of district, city and regional hospitals and rehabilitation centers for use in the rehabilitation of the profile patient population.


The second version of the product - ExoAtlet Pro is designed for use in rehabilitation centers, additionally equipped with sensors of the functional state of the patient and the control system with the activation electroneuromyography.


The first sales will begin in late 2016.


The comprehensive program of training and support.


At the beginning of the use ExoAtlet physicians in rehabilitation centers or patients at home is required to take a course for both patients and medical staff - this is due to the novelty of products for the medical market, as well as major requirements to ensure an adequate level of safety in the operation of the product.


At the same time, the product requires regular maintenance and service support - all in one package will be included in a comprehensive program of training and support.


Work on the project ExoAtlet was initiated in 2011, the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the scientific team at MSU. As a first result was the first in Russia working prototype exoskeleton, which was demonstrated at the «IV International Salon of Integrated Security in 2013" and was awarded a gold medal in the nomination "The best innovative solutions in the field of integrated security."


In 2013, work began on the medical version ExoAtlet for rehabilitation of patients with locomotor disorders.


The company assembled a team of employees with experience in research and development activities in the Institute of Mechanics. As the MSU staff they took part in the research works to create a "PAC Exoskeleton" under the federal target program "Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2007-2013". The team has more than five years' experience of integrated solutions (from design to construction documentation of testing) to create complex mechatronic high-precision manufacturing and development of the software and hardware.


In 2014 ExoAtlet won the 2014 Startup Village.

Investment opportunities

Инвестиции в проект:

  • I раунд инвестиций (2014 - 2015 гг): 50 млн руб. 
  • II раунд инвестиций (2015 - 2016 гг): 90 млн руб. 

Старт продаж: конец 2016г. 

Объем продаж 2019 г.: 600 шт. экзоскелетов (выручка 970 млн руб.)

Этапы развития проекта и ключевые результаты деятельности:

Этап №1

август 2014 г. — июль 2015 г. 

Потребность в финансировании 50 млн. руб.

— доклинические испытания; 

— совершенствование системы управления;

— уменьшение material cost;

— промдизайн ExoAtlet I;

— разработка и изготовление опытных образцов ExoAtlet I; 

— клинические испытания.

Этап №2

август 2015 г. — июль 2016 г.

Потребность в финансировании 90 млн. руб.

— медицинская сертификация; 

— сбор предзаказов; 

— подготовка и запуск серийного производства, 

— продажа первой партии ExoAtlet I (50 штук); 

— разработка действующего протототипа ExoAtlet Pro.

Этап №3

август 2016 г. — июль 2017 г.

— доклинические испытания ExoAtlet Pro;

— промдизайн ExoAtlet Pro; 

— разработка системы управления; 

— разработка и изготовление опытных образцов ExoAtlet Pro; 

— клинические испытания.

Этап №4

август 2017 г. — июль 2018 г.

— медицинская сертификация; 

— сбор предзаказов; 

— подготовка и запуск серийного производства; 

— продажа первой партии ExoAtlet Pro (130 штук).

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