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«Virtual Nutritionist» is a tool for planning nutrition, from compilation of rations to ordering foodstuffs from online store, based on scientific research and practical methodologies of nutritionists working at Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition (Health 2.0) The web service provides possibility for every user to create healthy rations considering individual data and existing diseases. Project stage: prototype web service has been created, implemented as a web application for one website.


Virtual Nutritionist is the response to the already existing demands of the target audience consisting of the following consumer groups:

- wishing to get high-quality foodstuffs;

- committed to healthy life-style;

- observing various diets for weight control;

- with acute and chronic diseases requiring nutrition restrictions, etc.;

There are a plenty of websites devoted to diets and proper nutrition, to healthy life-style, communities of patients with similar chronic diseases and so on, having high attendance rate. At that, there are no really interesting online services. The few existing services are based on dilettantish information, do not reflect the actual picture, mainly because they do not have a valid DB of foodstuffs and meals.

Potential users of “Virtual Nutritionist” service are millions users who are the bedrock audience of the above mentioned resources.

At the present time the sale of foodstuffs is the least developed segment of e-commerce. Less than 1% of the entire foodstuff market is sold via Internet sales, or about 3% of overall online sales of goods in Russia. At that, rapid development of mobile devices and smartphones, in parallel with growth of mobile banking and on-line payments, contributes to fast growth of mobile shopping and on-line sales in Russia and in the world.

Key problems of foodstuffs sale via Internet are: resilient price competition, costly logistics and permanently growing cost of attracting the solvent target audience. The project allows to overcome these limitations:

- price of goods ceases to play the decisive role for the customer due to obtaining the ability for generating the desired food ration, automatic selection and order of foodstuffs.

- wide opportunities for implementing the advertising campaign at minimum cost, and therefore, very small expenses for attracting the site visitors and consumers.


OOO "Centr zdorovogo pitaniya" was created in 2011 by a group of like-minded people which includes doctors of medical, biological and economic sciences for the project "Virtual Nutritionist" the basic idea of which is to link scientific knowledge and tools (in the form of software) with a real consumer market food.

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Вячеслав Михайлов
Вячеслав Михайлов

CEO, founder, PhD in Economics. Development of the project...