Intelligent home assistant Lexi. This desktop device with artificial intelligence and fully voice interface. Lexi understands natural human speech, can maintain a cheerful conversation, can query the owner or owners - to receive information on the Internet, manage home appliances, to report the news of the soc. networks and more ... Lexi - a first home emotional artificial intelligence. It will become not just a helper of their masters and their pet, or even a friend!


Lexie is equipped with microphones to hear people and get to know their voice. With the help of video cameras can see Lexi, podoschedschih people to him, and even learn them. Lexie is equipped with a set of sensors with which it senses environmental parameters, realizes that his touch. Lexi can connect to the Internet via WiFi or Ethernet, but the connection to the Internet is not necessarily for it to work - the basic functions Lexie implemented directly in the device. It feeds by Lexi 220 V.


The company's product is designed for adults over 18 years old (b2c segment).


Initially, the project will go to the Russian market. There will be extensively tested product concept, first collected feedback from customers.


In future access to English-speaking and Asian markets. Exit to the English-speaking market will be carried out through crowdfunding.


The company founded by Lex in 2014 to implement the project of the same name. The company's goal - to develop the technology of electronic voice interlocutors and the conclusion of its own products based on this technology in the Russian and international markets. The company is engaged in the hardware and software development, pre-production, promotion, and wholesale.


The Company's strategy is to continuously develop their own technologies and products, partnership with technology companies who can provide ready-own technology, marketing promotion of their products.


Our strategic partner - JSC "Ashmanov and partners." Our technological partners - Open Company "Laboratory Nanosemantika" and OOO "Stel COP." The company is a participant of the program to support startups Microsoft bizSpark.

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