Comprehensive software platform for mobile developers and system integrators which solves precise indoor positioning tasks thanks to proprietary hardware-agnostic algorithms.

Navigine is focusing on enterprise applications. Our competitive advantages are the following:

  • Up to 1-meter accuracy of indoor navigation and up to 0.1-meter accuracy of asset tracking;
  • One the best-in-class quality to price ratio and support of existing infrastructure;
  • Fast system roll out (up to 200K sq ft per man day) and easy to use software tools for developers and system integrators;
  • Quick integration with external IT solutions like IBM Bluemix, SAP HANA, industrial security systems, etc.

Indoor navigation solution for a mobile app allows to:

1. Improve customer loyalty through the increase of customer service.

2. Receive additional marketing revenues from tenants/brands through new marketing channel.

3. Analyze visitors flow and get the insights for revenue growth and negotiations with tenants/brands.


Service for analytics of visitors motion inside building allows to:

1. Analyze visitors flow and get the insights for revenue growth and negotiations with tenants/brands.

2. Optimize marketing channels and ad campaigns on the basis of their efficiency analytics in real time.

3. Analyze and compare operation efficiency of multiple points of sales and services.


A system for staff, vehicles and cargo motion management inside buildings allows to:

1. React in real time on ongoing situations inside buildings.

2. Save fuel and increase the safety of mobile assets through real-time motion monitoring.

3. Optimize logistics business processes on the basis of big data.




The indoor location market is estimated at $4.72 billion in 2016 with an expected growth of up to $ 23.13 billion by 2021. Navigine focuses on the markets of Europe, North America and the Middle East, which make up to 60% of the global market.


Navigine has developed unique algorithms to maximize the accuracy of indoor navigation and tracking due to handling all set of information available on modern mobile devices.

Licensing business model enables quick scalability of partner and installation networks.

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Alexey Panyov
Alexey Panyov


Oleg Demidov
Oleg Demidov