The key idea of CentiLeo project is realistic rendering of complex highly-detailed scenes using consumer computers or laptops equipped with graphics processors.

Many talented 3D artists face with many constraints of existing rendering systems: they can’t render highly-detailed 3D content, or they can’t do it quickly, or they have to buy/rent expensive many-node computing systems, or they have to optimize their scenes and wonderful creative ideas in order to get images in acceptable time.

Main capabilities of CentiLeo include support for rendering based on light transport and optics laws, interactive preview mode and scene navigation, efficient rendering of geometrically and optically complex scenes, that contain hundreds millions of polygons, hundreds gigabytes of textures using consumer graphics processors by NVIDIA, despite of the physical memory size limitations of graphics processors.

Compared to competitors the final product of CentiLeo should support users with more capabilities and better economy in production of images and animation for VFX, architecture and engineering design: 1) the speed of rendering is an order of magnitude faster for optically and geometrically complex scenes, 2) the ability to work using cheap consumer graphics processors, 3) the ease of use.


The final product of CentiLeo is applicable in architecture and engineering design, VFX industry.  The estimated number of users can be several ten thousand. CentiLeo will be a third-party rendering tool for popular 3D modeling packages.


CentiLeo LLC is young company that was created for implementing the software project CentiLeo focused on the global market in the area of realistic rendering.