SVET is a smart lighting system that creates comfortable psychophysiological environment. Its functioning is based on interaction of controllable LED light bulbs and a mobile application, which allows switching between special modes that were designed to support different kind of human activities.

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SVET project is a potential participant of several market segments, such as LED lighting, home automation and wearable technology. The global LED lighting market is expeсted to grow to $10.2 billion in 2019 (compound annual growth rate of 14%). Home automation and control market is expected to exceed $21 billion in 2020 (compound annual growth rate of 26,3%). Wearable device market value is estimated to be worth 12,6 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.


Tradematic Ltd is an R&D company involved in a number of industries such as Self-Service, Vending and Sensor systems. The company was established in 2007, its specializes in engineering, software, LED and wireless technologies. Our main aim is to create new solutions for sustainable development.

Patent portfolio: author of 16 patents, holder of 5 patents.

Investment opportunities

We are looking for funding on our project to continue development of the SVET system. Our main goal is to create a fully-featured automatic lighting control system for office and residential use that will enhance comfort level as well as human productivity.

Team [3]

Sergey Skvortsov
Sergey Skvortsov

Chief Engineer

Egor Devyaterikov
Egor Devyaterikov

PCB engineer