Programmirumie Seti (Brain4Net)


We provide Network Orchestration Platform, SDN Controller and set of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).

B4N Controller is the main part of SDN portfolio, which resides in the Control plane. It’s a black box which responsible for manage OpenFlow enabled switches to provide a control-plane for operations. Controller translates applications’ requirements and affects more granular control over the underlying network elements, while providing relevant information up to the SDN applications.

B4N Orchestrator enables end-to-end service provisioning and orchestration for both SDN Controllers and NFV Services. It designates the Controller how to program the network via NETCONF and provides single point of view of the entire network.

The goal of NFV is to decouple network functions from dedicated hardware devices and allow network services to be hosted on VM’s on standartized x86 servers.


Our platrom provides the best fitted SDN solution for Telecom Providers’ and distributed Corporate networks.


Innovative SDN/NFV solutions provider for large, medium Enterprises and Service Providers. B4N Platform provides comprehensive network Orchestration & Control solution for Multi-Vendor network infrastructure. Our approach helps organizations bring agility to the network, improve network service chaining and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX for network infrastructure deployment and operations.

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Max Kaminskiy
Max Kaminskiy


Alex Rumyankov
Alex Rumyankov

Chief Product Officer

Sergey Romanov
Sergey Romanov

Chief Architect,

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