LLC "InnTechPro"


 Zinc-silicate covering "Zinoferr"® is intended for protection against corrosion of any metal designs. A number of tests in the leading Russian and foreign laboratories is carried out, 5patents are taken out. The production conforming to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the 500 tons production in a year is arranged, production is already used in ship-repair, oil and gas, construction, etc. branches. Main objectives is obtaining industry certificates and growth of sales volumes at the moment.


Taking into account consumer properties of an anticorrosive zinc-rich covering "Zinoferr" and technologies of its use, the main sales market of production are the enterprises making various metalwork and the equipment for construction, oil and gas, machine-building (motor, railway, sea transport), food industries, and also for housing and communal services and agriculture. First of all it is a construction metalwork, capacities, pipelines, sea and river crafts, railway transport, etc. 

By our estimates the market the Zinc-rich paints (ZRP) in Russia makes 4-5 billion rubles a year. At the same time it actively develops due to replacement of "usual" anticorrosive structures by zinc-rich, import substitution, introduction of more progressive technologies of protection against corrosion, strengthening of the competition on the market and, as a result – use of better materials. The composition "Zinoferr"® belongs to a premium segment of anticorrosive coverings. The price of a covering is on the lower bound of this segment, cheaper than import competitors by 1,5-2 times. At the same time this class of coverings (zinc-silicate) in Russia doesn's present in industrial volumes. 

The InnTechPro company is guided by three branch segments of the market: oil and gas, construction and ship-building. The covering "Zinoferr" possesses in these branches experience of application and has well proved. 

Within 5-7 years receiving a share of the market of 7-10% is planned.


InnTechPro company.

2010 – LLC InnTechPro is registered

The Zinoferr trademark ® is registered;

Certificates of laboratories of LKP-Khotkovo-Test on climatic tests and the predicted service life of 20 years, the conclusion of the Swiss laboratory of Eckart Suisse SA firm according to the DIN 50021 standard are received.

The InnTechPro company became the resident of science and technology park of Strogino;

The research laboratory for quality control and developments on the basis of science and technology park of Strogino is equipped;

Production of structure for galvanizing "Zinoferr" on the basis of high-modular potassium glasses is arranged;

The certificate of conformity to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008, the patent for useful model No. 133020, the patent for useful model No. 133021, the patent for the invention No. 2530043 is received.

The first negotiations with potential customers from Finland, the United Arab Emirates and Greece are held.

The rating of "AA" according to RSR is received;

The Inntekhpro company became the finalist of the competition GenerationS in CleanTech track;

In 2015 became the super finalist of the competition GenerationS in Oil&Gas track