Pulse-code well interference testing involves an integrated hardware and software solution of cross-borehole interference and claim a significant extension of the applicability of traditional Interference in practice.

The method of pulse-code Interference finds a ready sale due to a number of advantages compared with other hydrodynamic studies :

In the course of a study on the disturbing well will be established  a "special code" (by changing well mode ), which is allocated to the observation wells, which can significantly reduce the impact of foreign interference, not connected with valid signal,

The possibility of determining the anisotropy of formationparameters and fluid flows in opposite directions;

The ability to determine the position of the front during the frontal drive;

Monitoring of time-cross parameter variation, defined by pulse-code interference method allows to determine best performance mode  and detect violations preliminarily, for example:

üUnproductive injection;
üWater production for the annulus;
üDisable low-permeability interlayers
üAreal off low-permeability interlayers
üFluid loss in inter-well space, etc.


Market sectors the product is oriented on:

-Maintenance of oil, gas and gas condensate fields;

-Market location: Gulf countries (UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar), Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and former Soviet republics, USA, Canada, China.


Sofoil develops various software applications for data processing and analysis in petroleum industry.

Team [4]

Artur Aslanyan
Artur Aslanyan

Academic adviser

Rushana Farakhova
Rushana Farakhova

Project supervisor

Bogdan Ababkov
Bogdan Ababkov

Chief operating officer

Marat Timerbaev
Marat Timerbaev

Mathematical analyst