The purpose of this project is the development of pattern recognition algorithms that are stable under the conditions of optical noise and low lighting.

First of all, we applied the algorithm to identification of road signs. Modern road traffic increase informational load on the human driver.

Great majority of car accidents occur due to inability of a human driver to notice all road signs in timely manner.

This system can help significantly to reduce this issue as robotic vision able to watch all road signs continuously and in all weather conditions.


• - In a study of demand and market our solution, we rely on the company's data Mobileye. This company is very dynamic due to the global supply and demand of the market. We can pass on the already paved the way business with its more attractive and functional products.

• We do not need to build a market, it has already been formed - a global automotive industry world market.

It is necessary to skillfully integrate with their product in this market, primarily interested automakers and concluding agreements with them, as it makes Mobileye is currently selling its products installed in cars during assembly.


Our company was formed in 2009 as a result of combining the creative efforts of scientists and engineers.

Investment opportunities

The target audience for the PAA - road transport in the world.

Market volume autonomy of cars - 87 billion US dollars.

Competitor - the company Mobileye capitalization reached 1.5 billion dollars.

Our advantages - the ability to work PAA in difficult weather conditions, even when the person does not see the information.

Team [4]

Rabie Allag
Rabie Allag

Global IT sales, Java programmer. Switzerland.

Alexandr Kurianovich
Alexandr Kurianovich

Director, marketing specialist, mathematician.

Oleg Novikov
Oleg Novikov

Technical director, software architect, autonomous systems...

Vyacheslav Myshkin
Vyacheslav Myshkin

Scientific consultant, PhD, physical signal processing.