The product we have developed is aimed at 2 main problems that most companies are facing:

  1. A company has purchased a diversity of technical security tools and now needs to manage this “zoo”, analyzing security data and deriving management decisions from it.

  2. Lack of qualified staff and, therefore, high workload on existing information security personnel lead to acute need to automate operating activities in order to withstand modern cyber threats and comply with local and international legal requirements.

As a result, potential customers clearly understand that “manual” security techniques are no longer working and information security management should be automated.

R-Vision is designed to become a single information security management center with the following goals:

  1. 1)  control the security state;

  2. 2)  predict and estimate potential negative events;

  3. 3)  comply with laws and industry standards.

Our system's motto is “At the root of your security”. It means that the real security can be achieved only with a full vision of the situation based on collection and analysis of all available information. 



Our company was founded in 2011 (as an LLC). The main purpose of the Company is development of information security management software.

To develop the product, we created a team of information security experts with sufficient expertise and understanding of customer demands, and high-class software developers that can transform the knowledge into code. 

Team [3]