Pulse Crystals


Our project purpose is commercialization of the unique crystal growing technology which is developed by our team: Czochralski method with controlled supercooling at the crystallization front (CSCF Czochralski)

Our locomotive product is state-of-art oxide scintillation crystals (CWO, ZWO, ZMoO etc.)

In 2015-2016 we will concentrate on setting up of the crystal growing laboratory able to produce enough oxyde scintillators to acquire up to 50% of Russian market in 2 years.


Our product, Cadmium Tungstate (CWO) is used in the detection systems with high energy radiation source and in the systems where high quality detection of the ionizing particles is required:

     X-Ray Cargo cargo systems (vehicle and aircraft security inspection)

     Computer tomography, including industrial applications

     Scientific projects related to dark matter search etc.

Total world market of scintillation materials is growing at 6% CAGR and will reach ~$500 mln by 2020

Russian market for CWO is deficient; during 2015 we have collected pre-orders for CWO for at least $8mln


Pulse Crystals is a research company which utilizes best scientific and research resources available in Russia to synthesize unique quality scintillators, luminophores and composites for global hi-tech industry.


Investment opportunities

Our project pays back in less than 2 years:

IRR = 95% (discount rate is 30%);

Discounted Payback Period = 21 mths

Annual EBITDA starting from year two is almost double the amount of required investments.

We will be pleased to offer our investor a fair share of the project company and comfortable return rate on the investments.

Industry investor will for sure get exclusive supply offer for a high quality scintillators.