Innovation Center "Jewel"


"IC Jewel" developes a proof-of-concept functional prototype of JHPC automotive radar system designed to become an OEM portable long-range radar for a car driven on common roads in any weather, in high/low speed traffic and with a projected wholesale price at around $3,000. JHCPS determines the speed of oncoming objects (up to 360 km/h), distance to them and relative trajectory, that enables self-driving car to "see" up to 2,000 meters ahead under any visibility and weather conditions.

• Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea. Companies like Google, Mercedes, BMW, Tesla, Toyota have already released, companies like Apple, Uber and Qualcoom are soon to release, and giants like GM, Kamaz and Tata announced plans for self-driving features that give the car ability to drive itself. 

Competitors:Indirect: Lidars optical stereoscope cameras (Fuji Heavy Industries "Subaru EyeSight", Google lidar, etc);

Direct: 76-80 GHz, ultrasonic radars, Car2Car systems (Volvo CWAB, Bosch BLIS, Acura CMBS, etc). All have cost/ size/ efficiency/ capability and other disadvantages

Competitive Advantage:

Long range: 2,000m VS 300m detection range.

All-weather: Any weather conditions VS clear visibility in dry air. 

Price: $3,000 VS $70,000+ for LIDAR's.  


Target Market:

• Semi-autonomous: 50+m cars by 2020. Today's premium cars car have features that allow them to accelerate, brake, and steer a car's course with limited or no driver interaction. JHCPS would enable the car to avoid head-on collision and prevent deaths.

 • Fully-autonomous: 10+m cars by 2020. A fully autonomous vehicle can drive from point A to point B and encounter the entire range of on-road scenarios without needing any interaction from the driver. JHCPS would act as a key component for long range car awareness, allowing AI to detect, follow and take action on numerous moving road objects 2,000m ahead.

 • Primary markets: USA, Canada, EU, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia

• Costs (World): $7 b/year in direct ADAS costs; $122 b/year in indirect car options costs. 


Direct: 8 major car companies (Volvo, Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley, GM, Tata etc) who could offer modern car driver support options. Driverless car makers (Google self-driving car, Apple Car, Toyota robotic car, Uber, Kamaz trucks, etc.)

Indirect: makers of security, drones and navigations toolkits (Lockheed Martin, Rotax, IAI, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems). We can offer innovative universal radar for their drone systems.

 Sales/Marketing Strategy:

• Primary strategy: Partner with ADAS system manufacturers.

• Secondary strategy 1: Partner with driverless car makers.

• Secondary strategy 2: Partner with security and navigation tools developers.

Business Model:• M&A by car maker who would get the system exclusively. Target valuation range: $60-80m


"Innovative Center Jewel" ("IC Jewel") is a Skolkovo IT company, creator of a revolutionary "Jewel Head-Collision Prevention System" (JHCPS), for a long range preventative detection, that enables self-driving car to "see" up to 2,000 meters ahead under any visibility and weather conditions. 

Investment opportunities

Capital received to-date:

$80.000, Skolkovo grant

Investment sought:

$1m: Series A (preferred stock for lead VC) + $500k Skolkovo grant committed.

Series A Milestones: MVP prototype development, possible JV with driverless car company, IP protection.

$2m: Series B (common stock for 2nd VC) + $1m Skolkovo grant.

Series B Milestones: Industrial prototype development, scenarios for integration into AI software framework with selected manufacturer to show viability. Further IP protection.

Exit: Early exit through M&A on development completion and technology validation with target $60-90m valuation by the end of Y3. 

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Nikolai Samotcvet

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