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Asthma treatment drug candidate GUR-501 is a new innovative molecule with FIRST-IN-CLASS potential.  It acts simultaneously on 3 new targets that are ЕР2 and EP4 prostanoid receptors and soluble guanylate cyclase. 

Competitive Advantages

• GUR-501 may be the only effective medicine for patients with a long history of asthma who have developed a tolerance to the existing bronchodilators. Existing drugs DO NOT HELP for such patients

 • No tachycardia and muscular tremor compared with existing asthma treatment drugs  (β2-agonists such as alupent, ventolin, salbutamol, berotec and M-cholinoblockers such as atropine and its analogs)


$15 bln is a size of global market for asthma treatment drugs. Patients: around 5.0% of population suffer from Asthma


Gurus BioPharm is a 1st private biomedical accelerator in Russia focused on innovative drugs.  Gurus accelerates biomedical projects from the very early stage when it just showed first promising results in the lab. For the best projects Gurus provides preclinical studies and clinical trials (phase I and II)

Gurus BioVenture is a small venture fund providing an opportunity for accredited private investors to co-invest with us in cutting-edge biomedical innovations

Investment opportunities

Gurus BioVenture (VC fund) as a lead investor provides an opportunity for accredited private investors to co-invest with us in the most promising projects of our accelerator Gurus BioPharm

Team [2]

Igor Lyubimov
Igor Lyubimov

CEO, Partner, Co-Founder, PhD (biology) Expert of Skolkovo...

Igor Teterin
Igor Teterin

Partner, Co-Founder DBA, Doctor of Business Administration...