The project developed a personal robot. Endowed with an active stereo vision system with the ability to recognize objects and to determine the coordinates of the object, the kinematics of the robot control system, with which the robot is able to perform simple physical tasks (to bring, hold open) in one or two clicks of the user. The emphasis placed on the fact that the robot was seen as a family member (a pet). The robot is endowed with behavioral qualities (love, curiosity, fear).

Commercialization of the product will be scheduled on the world trading floors.


Markets in which potentially can be realized product: Japan, South Korea, China, USA, Germany, France, England, Russia.

The main market - it is the world market robotic toys and the world market for educational purposes: 6.5 mln.sht per year, which in monetary terms is about 4.5 billion.

The market value of the product will vary from $ 8000 to $ 9000. Production costs about $ 6000. Thus, the annual profit will be between 200 000 $ 300 000 $. Based on that a year will be sold at least 100 units.

Competing solutions:

Humanoid robot DARwIn-OP - $ 12,000.

RQ-TITAN - $ 13,000.

HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Platform - $ 20,000.

NAO H25 Evolution V5 - $ 10,000.

Kumotek KT-X PC Advanced Humanoid Robot - $ 14,500.


The company "Robot" was founded in December 2014. At the same time, a contract was signed on the "Development of an autonomous robotic platform - a personal robot" with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere. Completion of works according to the schedule planned for 29 December 2015. The result of the robotic platform can be called a parent product which is planned to bring to the world market. This is a prototype of what will be sold. The prototype, which will be tested all designed in the contest START mathematical methods and algorithms for control of the personal robot.

Company "Robot" a young, energetic team. Who have the vision of personal robots, then they should be. We want to give people not just a toy, but an assistant and friend. We believe that it must be not only interesting, but also useful. We do not just better, we do differently! We do this for the people!

Investment opportunities

The company "Robot" primarily relies on the co-investment.

At the moment, it prepared a detailed business plan for up to three years.

According to preliminary estimates, to start and run a mini-production within 3 years will require about 25 million rubles. Of these, 10 million rubles. Investor funds and 15 million rubles Fund Skolkovo.

We will be happy to consider the possibility of co-investments in the framework of the grant policy of the Skolkovo Foundation.

Team [3]

Ganyushkin Alexander
Ganyushkin Alexander

Director and founder of "Robot" company. The main functions...

Mozharovsky Igor
Mozharovsky Igor

Software Engineer. Igor Sergeyevich main tasks is to write...

Bolvachev Evgeny
Bolvachev Evgeny

Development Engineer. Evgeny develops power management board...